Lily’s Bistro is a culmination of a combined 70 years experience in the restaurant industry by great friends, Jerry Simonetti and Chris Earle. We make everything from scratch using as many of the finest fresh local ingredients we can get our hands on.

The best Scottish Salmon we can find, fresh never frozen scallops, clams and Mussels. We hand cut our Prime New York Strip and Filet mignon in house. Only the finest imported meats and cheeses.

We take the time to make everything from scratch. From Lily’s house-made crab and salmon cakes, our meatball and marinara sauce, our salad dressing to our fresh baked bread and desserts.  

Lily’s sources our lettuce, greens and mushrooms locally from Tega Hills Farms and J&J family farms. We purchase our Goat Cheese from Thomas farm. We use local distillers Doc Porter’s Bourbon and Vodka, Palmetto distillery Bourbon, and Muddy Rivers Rum.

We’d love to have you join us for a nice bourbon or bottle of your favorite wine, and a fabulous meal.