About Us

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Chris Earle – General Manager (Right)

Chris opened his first restaurant in 1989 – Hillbilly’s BBQ. After running it for 12 years and growing it to four locations he sold his interest to his partner in 2001. His next success was Christopher’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar, opening in 2001. After that Chris opened a small grill in Catawba SC with a partner which he ran for 2 years before selling his share to his partner (it’s still a success)! In 2012 Chris had a great manager who he made a partner in a restaurant in Lowell NC, called Christopher’s 125 N Main. Chris sold that in 2014.

Chris has been running or working in restaurants since he was 17, almost 40 years! Developing menus and operating procedures is his specialty. He always grows a large garden and uses the fresh tomatoes and vegetables at the restaurants, putting his personal touch from root to restaurant.  


Jerry Simonetti – Executive Chef (Left)

Executive Chef Jerry brings his culinary skills honed by years in the fine dining segment. He started cooking in the deli business in 1976, and in the restaurant bar business in 1980. Jerry relocated to Florida in 1985 where he started his career in fine dining and high volume restaurants. In 1993, Jerry graduated Cum Laude from the prestigious Johnson and Wales University. Shortly after in 1995 he opened his first restaurant. In 1998 Jerry moved back to New York and opened Bistro Blue with partners Jeff Baruch and Dan Giannini which was rated top 41 restaurants in New York.

Jerry has owned and operated as an executive chef three restaurants in Greenport Long Island before moving to North Carolina in 2007. It didn’t take long before Jerry had the desire to open something down here in North Carolina, and in 2009 he opened Simonetti’s Pizza.

Jerry first opened Lily’s Italian bistro in 2015,  then moved it to Lake Wylie. The team has livened up Lily’s to become  Lily’s Bistro, a blend of Northern Italian, Country French and American flavors that is sure to impress.